Millions of people are making New Year’s resolutions to look better and feel better this year. Millions are also flaking out on their resolutions. Ruthlessly and wantonly, they ditch the new gym membership and reach for the pie. But here at Finney Family Dentistry? We have the secret. We do. We have the secret to looking better and feeling better. Read on.

Studies are clear that looking good is tied directly to feeling good. And that your overall health is tied to your oral health. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and even heart disease may be caused by plaque and periodontal disease. So the first step to achieving good dental health is to adopt good habits–but you know this already.

Here’s the secret that we have for you. You can achieve both better health, a better appearance, and more self-confidence by working towards a smile makeover! Our team will work with you and your family to achieve all the proper health metrics for your smile. And if we together make a plan to work toward a smile makeover, we can take several steps over time instead of one giant push.

Finney has helped many people find the smile of their dreams! Those with better looking teeth are thought to look younger, more successful, and even do better in job interviews! So give yourself a reason to smile more. Smile big and often. Smiling almost automatically improves your mood, and can be infectious. You can only have one first impression, so why not make it a lasting one by showing a big smile?

With our advanced technology you can have the smile of your dreams, and it is probably easier and less expensive than you think. You make the resolution, we keep it for you. Talk to our team today to move towards the smile that will help you look and feel your best this new year. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

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