Did you know that Finney Family Dentistry has been proudly serving the Marion, Ohio community since 1936? It’s true. And for the past five years, we’re building on a new tradition of partnering with The American Red Cross to aid our troops—our hometown heroes—serving our country. All throughout July and August, we are gladly accepting donations for care packages that will be sent to the men and women from our area that are overseas.

We are committed to giving back to the community we love and thrilled with how many of our patients, our extended family, help us give back to these brave service members. We are also encouraging people to participate by giving away a gift card to Kroger along with a toothbrush bundle –worth over $120, one entry per person with a donation!

A list of suggested donations is below, ask for information at the front desk the next time you stop by, or visit our Facebook Page @ Facebook.com/FinneyFamilyDentistry. We welcome you to join us in giving back to those who give so much. Call us today! Our hometown heroes will appreciate our care packages as much as we appreciate you.


• Powdered Drink Mix (hot cocoa, instant coffee, tea bags, creamer, lemonade, and iced tea) • Meal Enhancers (individual condiment packages, seasoned salt, ramen noodles) • Quick Protein (energy bars, beef jerky) • Snacks (packaged in small, hard containers) • Candy (avoid chocolate or gooey candy) • Travel-Sized Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, tissues, eye drops, lip balm, etc.) • Reading Material (paperback books, magazines) • Word Games (crossword puzzles, word searches) • Games (foam footballs, frisbees, playing cards) • Batteries (AA and D are in high demand) • Disposable Cameras • Writing Material (paper, pens, envelopes, stamps) • Phone Cards

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