• September 2, 2020
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Once the calendar changes, a lot of things come to mind. It depends on the month. Back to school, Fall, and then Winter are probably most familiar right now. Maybe the end of the summer holds meaning for you. Maybe you count the days until Thanksgiving. As we mark the seasons changing, now is a great time to think about setting—and keeping—your annual checkups.

Make sure your children visit the dentist twice a year. They will be able to avoid all kinds of possibly challenging issues, including the cavities that can come with growing up. Along with good habits at home and a healthy diet, keeping a good appointment calendar will keep your children on track to meet and exceed their dental health goals and keep their smile healthy and beautiful! 

Finney Family Dentistry is proud of the long-term relationships they enjoy with generations of family members, and they equally cherish the new ones they make each and every day. The Finney team is passionate about providing their patients with the smile of their dreams and are experts in preventive care. Being in the heart of Marion, they are easy to find for the entire Marion area. Finney Family Dentistry is accepting new patients, so wait no further, call to schedule your family’s appointments today and join the Finney team family. Let’s all keep our good habits and gain a little more peace of mind.

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