There is truly something special about a mother’s love. Perhaps Rudyard Kipling said it best, with his famous quote, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Nothing brings a tear to our eyes more easily than a story of a tender moment between a mother and her child. Social media is bursting with photographs of proud mom moments, and stories regaling their children’s accomplishments, a multimedia brag book!

At Finney Family Dentistry we celebrate families and mothers all year round, but during the month of May, we like to pay attention to Mom. That is why this month we are asking our Facebook fans to share their favorite Motherhood story or story about their mom. We know those heartwarming, funny, and hard-to-believe stories that you have shared within your family circle are out there and we would love to hear them too. Maybe you’ve had a touching (or hysterical!) parenting moment to share, or maybe you have an experience from your childhood that deserves a trip down memory lane.

Once you are ready to share, the rest is easy, Just find the Mother’s Day Contest post on Facebook at and post your Motherhood story!! The story that has the most likes at the end of May will win a $50 gift certificate to The Marion Flower Shop and Gift Center*.

*Disclaimer: winner must come to the office to pick up the gift certificate in the office