On March 6th, we will celebrate National Dentists Day—a day where we can all take a minute to celebrate those select people who’ve made the health of our mouths their primary business. As it turns out, we here at Finney Family Dental try to celebrate dentists every day. We try to set a high bar for our patients care, lead by example, and make great strides toward helping you set new routines and keep good habits when it come to your own dental care.

So in March, all month long, we always try to take a long minute to listen to you, our community. We have technology available at our fingertips like never before to both enhance and benefit the oral health of your entire family. These platforms also give everyone the ability to give tangible and honest feedback between providers and patients.

This month, we’ll ask of you what we always do—floss, brush, and eat healthy foods. But if you’re looking for a way to celebrate National Dentists Day, your best compliment is always your honest, heartfelt review. We work diligently every day to provide your family exceptional care, as we would for our own family. Why not hop over to Google or Facebook and share with the world how you think we’re doing? Your stories are important for us to hear and the best way you can celebrate Finney Family Dental.

We remain proud to be your partner in keeping your whole family’s smiles healthy and are always here to answer any questions you might have. As we turn a tentative step toward spring, let’s keep healthy routines for beautiful and healthy smiles and also pay it forward with a compliment or two!

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