We all know that a well-balanced diet is important for a healthy body and strong bones, but are you aware of the role a nutritious diet plays in a healthy mouth? In fact, it’s suggested by the American Dental Association that the first sign of a bad diet appear in your mouth.  First and foremost, cutting back on sugar decreases you risk of cavities and other oral problems, along with supporting an overall healthier body. The Food and Drug Administration suggests eating no more than 12.5 teaspoons of sugar per day. Eliminating most sodas, desserts and fruit drinks from your diet and increasing water intake will promote a healthier mouth. ChooseMyPlate.gov, establish by the Department of Agriculture, outlines the five main food groups individuals should include in their meals to maintain health and wellness. By following the basic guidelines for a balanced diet you will benefit your oral health, too. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber that absorbs excess sugar to combat a dirty mouth. Other foods, such as lean proteins and low-fat dairy products, protect and build up enamel resulting in strong, resilient teeth. The importance of good nutrition truly is applicable to your bodies overall health and wellness, including teeth and gums. Eating well will brighten your smile and save you unnecessary trips to the dentists. Visit www.mouthhealthy.org for more information about how to eat for your teeth.

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