• February 2, 2017
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At Finney Family Dental, it is Children’s Dental Health Month every month. Focusing on the oral health of the smallest members of the family begins at home, with mom and dad having the biggest impact on establishing excellent oral health routines, enabling their children to have a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime.

Begin with the basics of brushing twice daily and flossing once. Until your child’s fine motor skills are fully developed, they will need help completing these daily tasks. Many parents include their children’s oral health routines at the same time they tend to their own. Creating not only a bonding experience but helping to reinforce these habits in a non-verbal way as well. Experts tell us that no one has more influence on our children than mom and dad.

A recent study found a correlation between poor oral health and success in school, citing lower grades among those with poor dental health. In part, they believe this was due to missing school. On average, they found that children miss six school days per year, with 2.1 of these days due to dental issues. More studies are needed, but helping your child develop strong oral health habits from the beginning can certainly keep them smiling pretty for the long haul.

Be sure that your child is getting enough fluoride, keep their diets healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetable’s, scheduling and keeping dental appointments and brushing and flossing daily are the basics to a healthy mouth. We are proud to be your partner in keeping your child’s smile a healthy one and are always here to answer any questions you might have. Together we can help your child follow healthy routines for years to come!

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