Are you one of the millions of American’s in the process of making your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? When you take into account that only 8% of us are successful at keeping them each year perhaps, a new approach is in order. Many families are opening the lines of communication this year and setting New Year’s resolutions family style!

When deciding what family goals to strive to achieve in the New Year what could be better than bringing the family together? Whether you are looking to eat more dinners as a family, get involved in giving back to the community as a family or establishing a “No Tech Tuesday,” focusing on the family is a goal worth striving for!

As with personal New Year’s resolution setting, making the resolutions are the easy part. When goal setting as a family, you have the added benefit of drawing on everyone’s willpower! Be sure when deciding what your goals will be that you allow I put from all members of the family. Allowing everyone the opportunity to participate in the goal setting will not only unify the family but keep everyone accountable to keeping the goals as well. When one person’s willpower wains, there is the added benefit of support from someone else in the family to keep you on track. Fostering these “supporting” roles among each family member will add to the sense of accomplishment and foster responsibility and teamwork. So ready, set, go with a fabulous 2017!