• September 3, 2021
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“They are way too young to have cavities already.” “They rarely eat candy or sugar that causes cavities.” These are just some of the comments parents make when learning that their young children have cavities. The truth is if your child has teeth, they are at risk of tooth decay. Know what helps? It’s pretty easy. Just make sure your kids eat more fruits and vegetables!

Tooth decay affects millions of young children each year. In fact, as many as 4 million preschoolers suffer from it. There is good news—experts tell us that tooth decay is 98 percent preventable, and those are pretty good odds. By ensuring your kids get enough vegetables and minimize the sweets, their little teeth will be stronger, cleaner, and happier. This is true for the big kids, too. Adults can benefit from a simple “eat this, not that” decision process.

Some of the best foods for healthy teeth are fresh fruits and veggies because of their nutritional and mouth health benefits. Crisp fruits and raw vegetables—like apples, carrots and celery—help clean plaque from teeth and freshen breath. Leafy salad greens promote a healthy mouth and supports cell growth throughout the entire body. In general, firm, water-filled, raw foods exercise the gums, neutralize acidity, and rinse away excess food debris inside and around the mouth. 

If it’s good for your body, it’s good for your mouth. Finney Family Dentistry wants to make sure you and your family get a great start to the school year by keeping a healthy smile. Call now to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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