• February 2, 2021
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Each February since 1949, the American Dental Association celebrates our smallest patients with National Children’s Dental Health Month. They, like us at Finney Family Dental, feel that the importance of good, oral health from the very first tooth is essential for a lifetime of healthy smiles. It is important to share your good oral health routines with your children. Brushing and flossing with your kids to begin and end the day reinforces healthy habits and sets your kids on the path to both a beautiful, healthy smile and an overall healthy life! Experts tell us that our children watch everything we do. As parents, we have a much bigger impact on them than we imagine.

We can keep a positive influence in other subtle ways, too. We can eat better food as a family and talk about why we’re choosing one food over another. Keeping a healthy diet and the importance it plays in your child’s oral and overall health really can’t be overstated. Avoiding sugary beverages and drinking tap water to ensure they are getting their fluoride are both critical. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables regularly is a great way to ensure overall health and oral health. Set the good habits early and join your children in eating, brushing, and going to the dentist. 

At Finey Family Dental, every month is Children’s Dental Health Month. We love our smallest patients and embrace all the families we are a part of. We’ll keep up the good patterns you begin and support you every step of the way. Call us today!

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