Habits, we all have them. Most of the time we are all too aware of how some of them can be bad for us, but they are still not easy to break. One aspect that often gets lost is how certain habits can have a negative impact on your oral health.

Nail Biting
Experts estimate that up to thirty percent of adults and forty-five percent of teenagers are nail biters. Scientist continue to research why we do this, but most experts tell us that this habit is anxiety driven, which gives comfort during stressful situations. Sometimes, people aren’t even aware that they are doing it. Nail biting can expose you to bacteria and illness, the area under your nails is a breeding ground for bacteria, putting fingers in your mouth exposes you to more germs. There is also a risk to your teeth and jaw. One study showed nail biters will spend an additional four thousand dollars over thier lifetime to correct the damage caused. Chipped teeth, cracking teeth and excessive wear on the front teeth are common issues related to nail-biting, the jaw may also suffer, some studies have shown an increased risk of bruxism for nail biters, pencil chewers, and teeth clenchers.

Coffee Drinking
It’s estimated that 83% of adults drink coffee. The science on coffee is continually evolving with recent studies showing it may help to reduce the risk of certain diseases and even make us smarter! We understand that coffee is the breakfast beverage of choice for many of our patients. While the science has been pretty positive on most fronts, in addition to the benefits there are some associated risks to your oral health as well. Studies have also reported a positive impact on oral health. However an exessive all day coffee habit may lead to erosion of the tooth and enamel and may cause teeth to become thin and brittle. Tooth staining and halitosis are additional downsides to one of our favorite beverages. For all, you coffee drinkers, drinking it with meals, drinking plenty of water, and brushing after when possible can help. A teeth whitening regimen at your dentist office is a good way to deal with the staining. For more information on our many teeth whitening options visit http://www.finneyfamilydentistry.com/teeth-whitening/.

These are just a few habits that can wreak havoc on your oral health, chewing ice, constant snacking, using your teeth as tools, tobacco, brushing too hard are a few more. Follow us on Facebook this month to learn more.

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