Maybe that’s why 28% of millennials admit that the appearance of their teeth undermines their ability to interview for a job. Maybe that’s why your smile is the first–and best–way to make a stellar first impression in general. If you feel your smile is impeding your ability to achieve your goals, maybe it’s time to look into cosmetic dentistry. There’s really no better time than right now, being that there are more options than ever at much more affordable costs

The good news? No matter the tooth defects you have, advancements in this industry have led to the creation of procedures to correct them. It’s the onset of winter—consider going after a new smile! Teeth whitening, for example, will always be an easy option, but in 2020 more patients are leaning towards a more natural look. Super-white teeth look heavily treated and sometimes have a tendency to look fake. Today, many of our patients are asking us to whiten their teeth just enough to achieve a healthy, natural-looking smile.

Trends in fashion, home design, and hobbies are often temporary. This isn’t the case for getting a smile you love New dentistry trends and technology can and will have a lasting impact on your smile, and your confidence. It’s not just a cosmetic change for your teeth, but a total lifestyle change.

Regardless of what you don’t like about your smile, you’ll likely find a procedure here at the Finney Family Dentistry office that can help you achieve a smile you love. As you know, we provide a full range of dental services and care for patients of all ages. Call our office today to schedule a consultation to see what’s right for you!

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