The season of ghosts and goblins has finally arrived, while most children delight in the arrival of Halloween, many parents fear the onslaught of sugar that compromises their children’s diets. This year why not enjoy the fun but manage the sweets by adopting a few of these tips for a Healthy Halloween!

Choose healthy treats for trick-or-treaters! There are many options other than candy that can be given away. In fact, trick-or-treaters don’t need to be given candy at all. Popular non-food items include colorful pencils, erasers, stickers, and bubbles are just a few options. Parents whose children have food allergies especially appreciate it. If you prefer to go with a food option, there are still many healthy treats that will delight kids of all ages! Luckily there are bountiful options of single-serve snacks to choose from. Raisins, pretzels, baked chips, mini bottled water, and sugar-free gum are just a few.

Make a plan for the sugary stash that you are bound to have after trick-or-treat is in the bag. That night let each child choose a few treats to enjoy then, and have them sort and count the remaining sweets. Experts recommend bagging up treats a few per day, for a week in individual mini baggies to avoid overeating. Even before the big day, spend some time with your children researching charities to donate excess candy too. Limiting the number of treats you keep can also go a long way to getting back to normal before the Christmas season hits with more temptation.

Parties can be a source of unwanted sugary treats and drinks. Creativity trumps sweetness when it comes to kids parties. There are great resources with recipes that are fun to look at and healthy to eat. It’s not limited to peeled grapes as eyeballsΒ πŸ™‚Β although those will never lose their β€œappeal.”

It is also important that children keep up with their good oral health habits as always. Brushing and flossing twice a day as well as keeping your scheduled dental appointments are essential. A little extra planning can make this the best Halloween yet, and ensure that it is a healthy one! From all of us at Finney Family Dentistry Happy Halloween.

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