In theory, March means that spring is right around the corner. It’s also become synonymous with March Madness. All of us at Finney Family Dental would like to remind you that March is also, and remains, National Nutrition Month. Although dentists and nutrition may seem unrelated, nutrition plays a vital role in oral health. This is especially true for children and their development. 

What we eat affects every aspect of our bodies, from our heads to our toes, which is why it is so important to fill our bodies with nutrients that can make us not only feel—but actually be—healthier and stronger. There are a few enemies of good nutrition, however. Sugar is one of them. It’s the biggest enemy, according to many, when it comes to overall health as well as oral health. 

Children who consume too much sugar, such as soda, candy, sweets, can cause children to feel sluggish or sick. It can also lead to an increased risk of diabetes and provides no nutritional value to a growing body. It also causes tooth decay and lead to cavities. Needless to say, it’s important to limit the amount of sugar your child consumes by cutting down on sugary drinks or adding water to juice and reducing the number of sweets they eat. 

The good news is that alternatives abound. Providing fresh fruit is a great substitute and offers significant nutritional value with vitamins and minerals. Although it can be difficult with little ones, try to incorporate an array of vegetables in their diet as well. Veggies provide vitamins and minerals that help teeth to stay strong. As parents, it’s vital for us to teach our children how significant the impacts of healthy eating are and here at Finney we want to take every step we can to ensure our patients have strong teeth, healthy gums, and a beautiful smile. 

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