Not everyone looks forward with anticipation to their upcoming visit to the dentist. In fact, some prefer to visit their physician over visiting their dentist. What is the real cause of dental anxiety? WebMD states that a couple of the factors that contribute to dental anxiety include; fear of pain, fear of needles, and embarrassment. Between 9% to 20% of people fear the dentist due to these factors, and as a result, they only visit the dentist when they have a dental emergency. Your visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be something that terrorizes you every six months. One way to prevent these negative experiences is to practice good daily dental health hygiene and keep your routine dental appointment every six months. This allows us to catch any disease or decay early on which limits the amount of treatment needed if there is an issue and will help you become more relaxed and familiar with the dentist office visits, in turn making you more comfortable. We also realize that many patients have a valid fear of the dentist due to a previously poor experience. We have many options available to our patients including nitrous oxide and other sedation options which you can discuss with us. At Finney Family Dentistry we are family, and you can trust your family with our family. We take our time to educate and assure that our patients are comfortable while providing them with a quality experience using the latest dental technologies available. We encourage you to share any fears or anxieties that you may have and we promise to work together to make certain your visit is a pleasant one.

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