• December 1, 2019
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Since we’re several generations of dentists serving Marion, Ohio since 1936, we’ve decided that every December, we’ll consider something novel for the holidays. Your perfect smile. How novel is that? We’ve decided that helping people smile confidently for all those decades gives us a certain license. So this December, it’s your smile we’re thinking about. Yours and yours alone. Yes, you.

You may be tempted to eat a great deal of food this season. That’s fine with us. We’ll just share with you our, ahem, f’lossophy. The first thing is to get a habit established. Easy enough, right? Try to brush twice a day for two minutes. The next? Take the tip from Rudolph the reindeer and pick the carrot. Avoid the sticky and sugary sweets.

And since we’re here to tell the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth, we’d also suggest that you stick to water. Mostly. Along with all the sweet treats, sugary drinks dominate the month of December. And in moderation, that’s fine. Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate next to a sparkling tree? But other than those few special moments, stick to water. Not only will it help rinse away sugar buildup, but it will help limit your intake in general.

Here at Finney Family Dentistry, we genuinely consider our patients family, and value them all as if they are. We know that the holidays can be a busy time but don’t forget us. Make sure you to visit a us in December if you’re due for a teeth cleaning or need work done. Oh, and if you’re playing reindeer games this winter, consider wearing a mouthguard. Happy Holidays!

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