• September 1, 2017
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A new school year is once again upon us and thus begins the back to school rush, equipped with early morning chaos and late night homework. Although it may be a hectic time, it’s also an exciting time with new experiences ahead. It’s important that your children start the new school year prepared and confident and one way to ensure this is by sending them back with a healthy smile. If you haven’t already scheduled an appointment for their annual check up, be sure to do so. Although it may seem busy with the back to school rush, it’s a good time to check that off your list before the holidays. Dental check-ups should occur at least twice per year to keep plaque buildup under control and check for cavities. It’s also important that you remember, even amongst the hustle and bustle to maintain healthy teeth. The beauty of the school year is it promotes a routine. Make sure to check in with your kids that they’re completing their oral hygiene routine by flossing and brushing twice daily. Here at Finney Family Dentistry, we want to make sure your child gets a great start to the school year by helping them keep a healthy smile. Call now to schedule an appointment or visit our website at www.finneyfamilydentistry.com for more information.

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