• November 4, 2019
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We’ve come to November, that momentous months where things seem to come together. It’s the peak of fall colors across much of the country. It’s time we exercise our democratic rights and responsibilities by voting in or out our elected officials. Football moves into a more critical phase of its season and we all, collectively, brace for winter and the winter holidays. It’s a pensive time, a changing time, and a time to take stock of the year that’s unfolded.

We also mark the first of the big winter holidays: the day of gluttony we call Thanksgiving. We often eat too much, drink too much, try to pack in too many visits and too many seats around the table. It’s not a bad thing, necesarily, but this year, here at Finney Family Dentistry, we’re trying to spread out some of that excess across the entire month, across the entire winter. We’re finding out over the years that there’s too much good to try to pack in over one long weekend at the end of the month.

Think about all there is to be grateful for! Make a few pies early and visit with some far flung family a little bit early on the month. Think about using the proper Thanksgiving day turkey as practice with your core family members, then make a second bird a little bit later to share with a bunch of friends a few weeks later. What other bits of Thanksgiving cheer can be spread out a little more, shared a little longer?

When we here at Finney think about all we have to be grateful for, we darn sure it can’t fit in one single day. We’re happy to explore the option we have to spread it out. We’re starting here and now, writing this, thinking about you. We’re incredibly grateful that you choose us to maintain that one universal thing that shows up every time we’re truly grateful—your smile. From all of us here to every last one of you, happy Thanksgiving.

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