As the hearty early spring blooms start to peek their new leaves through the morning frost and as we think about springing forward, it might just be time to make March your month to prepare for summer! The benefits of a great smile are probably far more wide-reaching than you realize. Studies have shown that people notice your smile most when meeting new people. Your smile also directly projects your confidence. Whether you realize it or not you are making an impression, good or bad with your smile.

It turns out that people with great smiles do better in job interviews and are even more likely to be the successful candidate. So too with first dates. Not terribly surprising. Those who are comfortable with their smiles tend to smile more often and without worry. Simply smiling more often has a bucket of mental health benefits as well. Smiling more often may even help you live seven years longer, according to a 2010 study by Wayne University!

Could it be because smiling more is linked with a lower heart rate, lower stress rates, and an overall better mood? Smiling releases endorphins–one of the reasons we feel better when we smile. You might be surprised to learn that the smile you have dreamed of for your summer selfies is easier to obtain than you may have thought. At Finney Family Dentistry, we are your partner in helping you smile. We’ll work with you, hand-in-hand over time to create the smile of your dreams.

Spring is a fabulous time to focus on your smile. Renew your vision of yourself as the world around us comes back to life after a hard winter. Give Finney Family Dentistry a call today to schedule an appointment so we can create the best approach to get you there. Don’t delay the many benefits of smiling proudly and often!

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