When the temperatures soar so do our cravings for sugary treats! Cold sodas, fruit juices, ice cream and popsicles are just a few of the tasty confections we use to try to cope with Mother Nature turning up the thermostat! Many of these choices, while temporarily making us feel better, do nothing to alleviate dehydration and are quite likely setting you up for tooth decay.

A recent study compared Nigerians who had almost no sugar in their diet against health records from around the world where diets consisted of high percentages of sugar. The rate of cavities among those Nigerians was around 2% where in the United States for example 92% of adults will experience tooth decay at some point.

When you are looking for that perfect beverage this summer to cool you down reach for water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and therefor it can be easily and readily absorbed. Quenching thirst better and faster. Not only does good old H2O cool us and calm thirst on the spot it quells our appetites many times as well. Our brains aren’t able to distinguish signals of thirst and hunger so we often eat when what we really need is water.

And if that isn’t enough to make you grab water over soda, sports drinks or fruit juice….Water can actually help wash away particles in your teeth between brushing. It is in no way a substitute for brushing or flossing, however, where sugary beverages leave behind a coating that can turn in to plaque, water does not.

So pick the healthy choice this summer, your body and your mouth will thank you!

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