Child Boy And His Dad Brushing Teeth In BathroomThe third Sunday in June each year is set aside to celebrate fathers, just as was done a month before for mothers. And each year, over 75% of kids and mothers will buy their fathers a gift of some kind. Tech toys, home improvement tools, maybe some sports equipment will be bought for dads everywhere…. and don’t forget the infamous neck tie.

But what do dads really want? Over the past few years, sites like CNN, Huffington Post, and have surveyed hundreds of dads everywhere, and the results may surprise you. A majority of fathers want one simple thing: more quality time with their families.

In a culture where work is such a large part of life, each hour a father gets to spend with his children is precious, and most seem to think the years are flying by. Many were quoted as saying they wished they could turn back time just to have more years with their little ones, watching them grow up again. Some wanted a peaceful day at the park, or a night out at their favorite sporting event, with the whole family with them.’s most shocking stat from a 2012 survey is this: when asked to choose between a dinner with their family, or a “Man Cave” to call their own, 87% would take the dinner with their family.

Fathers are sometimes perceived as less compassionate and caring as mothers, but of course this isn’t true. So this Father’s day, take a look at what your dad might really want. If there isn’t some specific toy or tool he’s asking for, find a way to give him what he really wants: some good quality time with you. If you are a dad trying to find more time to spend with your kids, try including the kids in more of your daily and weekly rituals. Whether it is cutting the grass, walking the dog or brushing your teeth, these simple new routines spent with your children will create something for you all to look forward to and a lifetime of memories. They will also serve as teaching moments and great opportunities to reinforce great habit for a lifetime.

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