About Me:

Dr. Cam Robinson grew up in a rural area near Bowling Green, Ohio. He grew up on a small farm and spent a lot of time building and helping his grandfather maintain the land. He was very active in hockey from the time he was 3 years old until graduating high school. Several of Dr. Cam’s family members lived in Marion, Ohio throughout his life; so, upon graduating high school in 2015, Dr. Cam attended Ohio State Marion to study Biology. Dr. Cam moved to Columbus during his sophomore year to complete his Bachelor of Science in Biology before beginning his career in Dentistry at The Ohio State University Dental School in 2019. Over the course of the years at Ohio State, Dr. Cam mostly enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family while exploring the city of Columbus.  

Outside of Dentistry, Dr. Cam enjoys going to different sporting events, specifically rooting for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Chicago Blackhawks. Dr. Cam has been a member of the Ohio State University Golf Club since 2021. He also enjoys traveling. One of his favorite places to vacation is Cancún, Mexico. He aspires to visit more places in Europe and in the Caribbean with his soon-to-be wife. Dr. Cam will be getting married in November of 2023 to his fiancé, Brynn. Dr. Cam and Brynn met before college while they attended neighboring high schools. While they knew of each other before college they did not start dating until 2017. Dr. Cam and Brynn enjoy spending their free time around the city of Columbus finding locally-owned businesses and restaurants. They also enjoy spending time out in the parks with their puppy, Moose. 

Cameron’s first memories of the dentist involve trips with his mother and sister to the local pediatric dentist and getting ice cream after each visit. Going to the dentist as a child can be difficult but the Pediatric dentist always had a way to make the experience very fun and easy. These experiences have stuck with Dr. Cam his whole life and have shaped the way that he desires to treat his own patients. Dr. Cam desires to understand and help each patient as a unique individual to help them best achieve overall health. Dr. Cam has always enjoyed serving others first and desires to make the dental experience one in which his patients can be comfortable and know they are getting the care they need.